Silver Jewellery World


Jewellery has always been a part of life.  In every culture, societyand generation jewellery has been worn and adored. Each piece of jewellery was created to hold some sort of stone, and while diamonds seem to be the most popular, gemstones are also very commonly used.  Gemstones are pieces of mineral that have been cut, polished and designed to be used in a setting for jewelry.  Overall, gemstones are hard,there are some gemstones that are soft, but those are rare.  They are traditional classified into precious and semi-precious distinctions. Currently the diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emeralds are all considered and all other gems are considered semi-precious.  

Gemstones are characterised by the chemical composition.  That is the first part of the classification process of the gemstones.  After this classification the gemstones are classified by their crystals.  This means how the are put together, they look on how the crystal system is set up, cubic or monoclinic or trigonal.  The next way a gemstone is classified is by groups, species, varieties.  Then they are characterized by dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, refractive index
, and the luster.  A fun aspect of gemstones is that several are used for a symbol of a persons birth month.   Not all gemstones are used, but every month has a stone assigned to it, this makes people, especially mothers use the gemstonesin mothers rings or necklaces. This tends to be common gift for mothers day. 
A stone that is available in all colors, but commonly orange is garnets and it is used for January.  A purple stone that comes in a variety of shapes is the amethyst and it is used for the birth month of February. The aquamarine stones, is obviously aquamarine and is designated to the month of March.   Diamond is claimed for April.  The Emerald is set for May.  Pearls are set aside for June babies.  The ruby is designated for July.  Peridot, an only green stone and only available in this color, is set for August. September babies have the sapphire.  October has the tourmaline stone that comes in more color choices than any others.  The topaz in shades of honey, green, blue, red, brown, yellow, pink and even colorless is set for November.  The one of a kind stone of tanzanite stone is set for December. 
​Gemstones are most common for their associates with birth months, but they are very beautiful in all types of jewelry and for all types of reasons.